Rocko Raccoon Greetings Card


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Hand painted artwork, digitally printed on A5, 350 gsm uncoated card

Rocko is the local Robin Hood.

He is a very good neighbour and looks after all the local residents in his hometown. He has even been known to babysit if required.

Although he doesn’t totally approve of stealing, he prefers to call it reclaiming unwanted materials discarded by their previous owners.

His favourite time to search for these things is after midnight.

It’s quiet, with very few others being around. Sometimes he goes ‘shopping’ with his friend Filo Fox.

Rocko doesn’t always approve of Filo Fox’s methods as he likes to take the live chickens. Rocko prefers his food ready-cooked and seasoned properly. One could almost say that Rocko has A La Carte taste.

The local 5-star hotel knows Rocko really well. The head chef loves all wildlife and leaves all sorts of goodies outside by the bins in a special trough just for them.


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