Prudence King Charles Spaniel Greetings Card


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Hand painted artwork, digitally printed on A5, 350 gsm uncoated card

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My sister owned Prudence, also known as Pru, from a tiny puppy. Our other family dogs at the time were Tessa and Lucy, mother and daughter West Highland Terriers, who my sister and I rescued after losing our two previous dogs. So, when Prudence joined the family Tessa and Lucy helped to look after Pru. Teaching her the rules like chasing and biting the garden hose when water came out of the end.  

 Her own favourite games were – Dive into the paddling pool to fetch carrots, toys and ballies. Another one was nudging a tennis ball down from the top of the stairs, she’d run down after it and drop it at your feet expecting you to pick it up and throw it up the stairs again for her. 

 She loved swimming in ponds to meet the ducks or retrieve sticks and balls thrown into the pond. She was one of the kindest, gentlest dogs I have ever known. The collection of portraits of Prudence/Pru I did as a gift for my sister with love. 


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