Mr Boyd O’Hare Greetings Card


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Hand painted artwork, digitally printed on A5, 350 gsm uncoated card

Boyd is a very kind, caring and somewhat jumpy Hare. He is fun and exuberant and is full of amazing stories he tells his friends. And you can always tell when he gets nervous or frightened because he bites his nails.

It all started a few years ago when a loud mechanical noise drew closer behind him. It was the biggest tractor you’ve ever seen, and he was nearly hit by this rumbling roaring metal giant while busy chatting away to Mildred Mouse and a family of wrens. He was halfway through the story when, within seconds, the tractor was upon them.

It was a narrow escape for them all. Quick-witted Boyd popped Mildred mouse on his back and told the wrens to take flight and they’d all meet up on the other side of the field’s hedgerow.

Sadly, for the wrens, their nest was destroyed. But to the rescue came Boyd and Mildred Mouse. Together they helped find twigs and fluff and other important stuff to rebuild a new nest for them all.

Boyd is very sociable and caring and always willing to help or run errands for all the inhabitants of the surrounding fields and farms.


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