Mazy the White Lion Greetings Card


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Hand painted artwork, digitally printed on A5, 350 gsm uncoated card

Mazy the white lion was ostracized by the pride when was born.  His mother was captured by poachers and Mazy had to fend for his life. He was the only white lion to be born onto the sanctuary ever. The rarest of all lions, on his own not yet a year old. As luck would have it an injured and old wolf Natasha, found Mazy and looked after him. She knew her days were numbered, or so she thought, but because of the bond that grew between them they both survived. For nearly two years, living in a hidden cave halfway up one of the mountains just outside the sanctuary, Natasha taught Mazy how to provide for himself. She taught him the ways of the wolf and the ways of the lion.  

 After Natasha passed into spirit Mazy sought out his own kind leaving the mountain behind him. Moving through other territories crossing paths with other prides, Mazy had a choice, take over a pride or remain a lone outcast. He chose to take over a pride just outside the boundaries of the Tikki Sanctuary. It was a small pride with 2 lionesses 3 small cubs and the lion leader, Omar, who was nearing the end of his life from injuries fighting off other lion takeovers.  

Mazy having been brought up by Natasha a wolf his wisdom believed in family. Protecting all the family. So rather than kill the lion and his offspring he helped look after them all. Sharing his way, helping other species rather than kill for killings sake. They still hunted but this was to provide food, fresh meat for all the pride.  

He has sired many cubs himself including Max and his brother Algos who live on the Shaneah land within the Tikki Sanctuary.      

Mazy’s pride still live on the edge of the sanctuary and meet up with the Shaneah pride often.  



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