George the Every Hungry Black and White Rabbit Greetings Card


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Hand painted artwork, digitally printed on A5, 350 gsm uncoated card

George is a bachelor with many friends. And, while they sleep, George finds himself thinking about carrots.

Orange carrots, purple carrots, red carrots, white carrots, and yellow carrots, his personal favourites being the orange carrots.

So, off he bounces down the lane to where he knows carrots grow in abundance, the local farm shop with fields full of delicious delights.

To help the farmer and his contribution to these morsels of joy, George does his special service of trimming the hedgerows.

Keeping out the grasses and other intruding vegetation from invading the precious fields of carrot goodness.

He also manages the other visitors to the fields to make sure they are the nicest visitors who’ll take care of the amazing variety of carrots.


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