About Ask Gina Art

My name is Gina Batt. I am an artist, actress, singer, psychic and a trained NLP, neurolinguistics, and hypnosis therapist. So yes, I have worn a lot of different hats. But my art has been the constant love in my life.

I attended the Bush Davies Ballet boarding school, as the only drama student. It quickly became evident that I was a creative; not an academic.

At 16, I went to Drama and Dance (Art) College in Barbican, attending a further pure drama course involving mime and comedy.

In between working with some big names in entertainment such as Sir John Mills and the cast of Dad’s Army, I continued to draw and paint. I would supplement my income, from the often unpredictable world of showbiz, by painting pet portraits and handmade greeting cards.

Some life-changing events lead me to work with a client on her children’s storybooks. This project encouraged me along a new path. I developed more of a connection with my own painted characters and started to tell their stories through accompanying poetry.

I started working on a number of hand-illustrated decks of cards, including Gina Batt’s Game of Life, Silver Linings Life Lessons, Gina’s Little Book of Inspirational Gems and Angel Wings. Each deck is unique, containing words I psychically channelled.

I am very lucky that my work now allows me to bring all of my loves – animals, art, the spoken word and spirituality – together into one art form.

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